Best Economic Cities to Buy a Home in

Richard Vesole

January 13, 2023

Economic Cities

If you’re looking to buy a home, you should always consider the city’s economic health of where you plan to make your home. Buying a home in a good economic city will help you to have a better chance of making money on the property. But many different factors affect a city’s economy, and you need to consider that before you make a decision.


Whether you’re looking to buy your first home or are in the market to move, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a savvy choice. This city has something to offer to everyone. You can enjoy a wide range of dining, shopping, and recreational opportunities and live in a safe, livable, affordable neighborhood.

While the real estate market is in the doldrums, you’ll find that Pittsburgh offers plenty of opportunities for homebuyers. For example, the average home price in the city is lower than the national median and more expensive markets.

Minneapolis-Economic Cities

The Twin Cities metropolitan area is the third largest in the Midwest. It is home to more than three and a half million people. Its economy is diversified and has some of the country’s lowest living costs.

Minneapolis is a great city for families. It is also a great place for young professionals. Whether you work in professional services or manufacturing, there are a lot of great jobs. You can find a good home at a great price, too.

One of the best things about Minneapolis is its location. It is situated on the banks of the Mississippi River. This gives it a variety of recreational activities. For example, there are many great parks and trails. Other attractions include the Stone Arch Bridge and Minnehaha Falls.


Tulsa is an affordable place to live, which makes it an excellent place to buy a home. Despite being a city once considered a thriving oil and energy center, it has since grown into a modern metropolitan area.

The economy of the Tulsa metro area is focused on aerospace, manufacturing, and oil and gas. It is also home to major universities such as the University of Oklahoma and Oral Roberts.

The cost of living in the Tulsa metro area is less than the national average. For example, the median rent in Tulsa is 31% lower than the national average. However, housing prices in Tulsa have increased over the past three years by about 20%.


In a recent study, Atlanta ranked as one of the best economic cities to buy a home. However, there are better cities in which to live. The study also ranked other notable cities, including Dallas and Minneapolis.

Aside from its affordable housing and thriving real estate market, Atlanta is known for its rich culture. This includes professional baseball, a rich music scene, and the largest puppetry museum in the world.

Atlanta also has a booming startup ecosystem. This is reflected in several tech incubators and venture capital firms. Many startups, such as Calendly, have recently opened offices in Atlanta.

Buffalo-Economic Cities

When you buy a home in Buffalo, New York, you’ll find a safe and affordable place to live. The city offers an excellent mix of urban and suburban life. It is a place for families to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The cost of living in Buffalo is lower than the national average. This can make it possible for you to save enough money for retirement.

In addition to being a low-cost place to live, Buffalo has also been a destination for artists and young professionals. It’s one of the nation’s top art and entertainment cities.


Wichita is a great place to buy a home compared to other metro areas in the country. The economy is resilient, and jobs are plentiful. This city has one of the lowest housing costs in the country.

For example, residents spend less on mortgages and rent. This low cost of living is a big reason why Wichita is a great city.

In addition to this, Wichita is a center of culture. It is home to museums, theaters, and universities. There are a variety of events and festivals that take place in this city. These include the Wichita Black Arts Festival, which celebrates the arts of African-American communities.


To buy a home in a major US city, you must check out the Baltimore housing market. The city’s affordability and proximity to Washington, DC, make it a great place to live.

Baltimore’s diverse and vibrant economy makes it a great city to invest in real estate. It is also home to several large employers, including Johns Hopkins University and Northrop Grumman, one of the world’s largest military technology providers.

With the housing supply shrinking in the Baltimore area, home prices are rising. Home prices in the Baltimore-Columbia-Towson Metro have risen by more than 40% in the last five years.