Richard Vesole

I am a licensed attorney and real estate investor serving the Bettendorf, Iowa.

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Richard Vesole is a licensed attorney and real estate investor serving the Bettendorf, Iowa. He owns several companies, including Richard I. Vesole, Attorney at Law, and Richard Vesole Insurance. Rick Vesole is also the owner and sole manager of First Financial Group, L.C.

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January 25, 2023

Why Rent-to-Own Homes Are a Great Option For First-Time Buyers

One of the main benefits of renting to own homes is the lower down payment. As long as you pay a higher percentage of the monthly lease than the fair market value, you can put that money towards the down payment. Furthermore, you can test drive the house before you purchase it, which can be […]

Economic Cities
January 13, 2023

Best Economic Cities to Buy a Home in

If you’re looking to buy a home, you should always consider the city’s economic health of where you plan to make your home. Buying a home in a good economic city will help you to have a better chance of making money on the property. But many different factors affect a city’s economy, and you […]

Economic Cities
November 12, 2022

How to Evaluate Real Estate Investment Properties

Before investing in real estate, you must consider your options carefully. You should be familiar with your neighborhood and learn how to evaluate real estate investment properties. Moreover, you need to choose the right property based on its location. It would help if you also learned about the market trends in the area. A suitable […]

Richard Vesole
October 16, 2022

Understanding Your Rights as a Landlord Regarding Tenant

Understanding your landlord’s rights is crucial to managing a rental property. In addition to having a legal obligation to protect your rental property, you also have a legal obligation to protect your tenants’ privacy. If you violate a tenant’s privacy, you could face legal action, including small claims court or trespassing charges. To avoid this […]

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